Migrating SQL Server for System Center 2012 App Controller

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Recently we were tasked with migrating the “AppController” database from one SQL Server to another as one of the old SQL Boxes was getting decommissioned.

If you look online there’s hardly any documentation on how you actually go about doing the migration, so I thought I’d write up the steps we used to do a Successful DB Migration.

Migration Steps


  • App Controller Source/Installation Media
  • App Controller Product Key
  • Make a Notice of Service Account Running App Controller Services


  • First thing first take a backup of the  “AppController” database and If possible take a snapshot of your App Controller
  • Restore the “AppController” database onto the New SQL Server
  • Log onto the App Controller Server and navigate to “Program and Features”

  • Select “Microsoft System Center 2012 – App Controller” and press “Uninstall/Change
  • Check the box for “Keep the App Controller database and save encryption keys
  • Press Browse and save the key to a safe location , I’ll use C:SupportSupport
  • Now specify a password for the AES key , I’ll be using “Password

  • Select “Uninstall”
  • Wait for Uninstall to Finish

  • Restart Server
  • Now on the App Controller run the App Controller setup again from the installation media
  • Select “Install
  • Enter your Product Key and select Next
  • Accept the License Agreement
  • Select your installation path
  • Select a Service Account
    (Network Service or Domain Account)
  • Select a Certificate
  • Now we’re going to change the SQL Server!
  • For “Server name
    specify your new SQL Server
  • Select your “instance name
  • Database Name should be “AppController

  • Select Next
  • Now specify the path to the AES Key we saved in “Step 6
  • Specify the password from
    Step 7

  • Select any option you like on the CEIP screen and hit next
  • Now confirm your settings and hit “Install
  • Once the installation completes press “Finish” and we’re all done!

Now you have migrated App Controller SQL Server and everything should work just like before J



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