Test-CsAddressBookService fails on monitoring server

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We had an issue recently where the SCOM alerts testing the address book service on a Lync Monitoring server were failing.

We investigated this issue and found that it is safe to tune these errors out.  This is because the tests that SCOM runs on this server are not applicable for it.  As this is only a monitoring server the required components are not available to gain a successful test however if these tests are run on a Front End server they are indeed successful (hence why we are not seeing these error from the FE servers).  Please see our findings below:


Using the same command the below alert is trying to run on Front End Server:


However running this on Monitoring Server:


The error seems to suggest a certificate error however we believe that this is an ambiguous error as per http://www.ehloworld.com/1299:

An important note about most of the synthetic tests is that they need to be run from a true Lync Server. That’s because they look for topology information in the (local)rtclocal database, which only exists on Lync servers.


Looking at the comparison between the two servers we noted that there are 2 DBs missing.  I believe the DB in question is the rtc which is the replica housed on each true Lync Server from the SQL server – this stores persistent user data such as user contact lists, scheduled conferences, and access control lists and it is likely that this DB is referenced in the Test-CsAddressBookService command.  Only being a monitoring server this DB is missing and therefore the synthetic transactions cannot be run:


Hope this helps!

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