Service Manager 2012 R2 Update

2017-12-08T17:24:24+00:00 March 21st, 2014|Azure, Cloud, Windows|

As many of you would probably have seen Microsoft released a blog post to their official Service Manager a few weeks ago reassuring customers & partners of their commitment to Service Manager. They promised great things including a faster update cycle, bug fixes and new features that have been long requested. As part of this commitment Microsoft have also released another blog post keeping people up to date of their work and announcing an update that will contain the following:

  • Addressed a long-standing issue with the console where the UI becomes sluggish when running in full screen mode.
  • Fixes for 5 other UI oddities and quirks in the console like scroll bars not working, context menu’s not rendering properly etc.
  • Five fixes to those nasty console crashes and exceptions
  • Performance improvement to improve the render time for the “Request Offering” form when creating a new service request
  • A fix for not picking up the Lync “sip” endpoint when emailing users from the console
  • A fix for keeping asset information between SM and CM in sync
  • A design change to retrieve attachments from closed Release Records
  • Four other fixes in the internals of the system

Microsoft have announced that this update should ‘go out very soon’ to TAP partners so look out for an update which will make your Service Manager environments even better.