Change Call Forwarding Number via SEFAUTIL in Lync 2013

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Here is a handy command that you can run on your Lync Server to change the call forwarding number of a Lync User

Please Note: You must have the Lync 2013 Resource Kit installed and have deployed SEFAUTIL as a CSTrustedApplication (

You will need to change the value in Red to match your environment

If the Lync user already has a Call forwarding number set up and you wish to change it , run the below command:

sefautil /

If the user doesn’t have call forwarding enabled, you can enable with the below command:

sefautil /
/setfwddestination:+44123467891 /enablefwdimmediate

And finally if you want to disable call forwarding completely for a user run:

sefautil / /disablefwdimmediate

Hope this is useful J

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