VMM 2012 issue “Unsupported Cluster Configuration” and “Virtual Switch (Switch Name) is not highly available because the switch in host (HostName) is not compatible with other hosts”

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We had an issue recently on a customer environment in SCVMM where certain VM’s in the cluster were showing as “Unsupported Cluster Configuration“.

The below alert was also being displayed when the cluster was refreshed in VMM.

Virtual Switch (Switch Name) is not highly available because the switch in host (HostName) is not compatible with other hosts.”


We decided to compare the Nic configuration across all the servers by running the below command in the VMM Shell.

Get-SCVirtualNetwork | Sort logicalnetworks | ft name , logicalnetworks , VMHOST


Straight away we spotted that some of the switches did not have any logical networks assigned to them.

To confirm we went into the SCVMM console and went to the properties of the VM hosts that had the switches with no logical networks and selected Virtual Switches.

When we selected the Virtual Switches option on the hosts in question we could see an error saying no logical network assigned.

So to resolve this we did the following

  • Go to VM host properties
  • Select Virtual Switches
  • Make a note of the Network adapter name on the Switch complaining of no logical networks
  • Go to Vm Host Properties
  • Select Hardware
  • Go down to Network Adapters
  • Find the Network Adapter name you noted earlier
  • You will see that no logical network is associated to the Adapter
  • Select the correct logical network and hit ok
  • Now you’ll need to first refresh the Cluster
  • Finally refresh VM’s with the “Unknown Cluster Configuration”

After doing the above steps all the errors went away J


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