Restore a deleted Public folder with MFCMAPI

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A customer of ours recently deleted a public folder they required, we used a tool called MFCMAPI to restore this for them. – MFCMAPI can be downloaded here. You will need a machine without Exchange installed and either Outlook installed or the Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 – available here:

Once you have installed either Outlook or the Data Objects (a simple wizard install – please ensure you have a mailbox available) – this does not require a restart.

Open MFCMAPI as an administrator. Click Session > Logon… and choose the Outlook profile or the Data Objects connection you have setup. Once connected you will see a screen similar to the below:

Don’t be tempted to click on the public folders here! (I was) and it resulted in the following error:

To overcome this: Select MDB > Public folder > Open public folder > Open public folder store…

Change the CreateStoreEntryID flags to: 0x00000001


This opens the Public folder store as an admin and stops the above error.

Once opened expand to the required folder (IPM_SUBTREE is your default folder store and NON_IPM_SUBTREE is your system public folders) and right click it > choose Other tables > Deleted subfolder:

Expand the folder and find the deleted folder you require, right click on it and choose Advanced > Restore deleted folder…

Choose the folder name you wish to restore it as – this can be left as is or the name changed if you wish (if the folder has been recreated for example).

Click ok and your folder will be restored. In Outlook check your store and it should have returned.

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