The Future of InfoPath 2013

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During one of the sessions at this year’s SPC2014 conference, it was announced that there is currently no replacement product for InfoPath. While the roadmap should be in place by the end of 2014, that doesn’t help customers and consultants to arrive at a terribly confident position on where best to place their investments (both time and money). However, now is no time to panic if you are already using InfoPath because it will remain in full support by Microsoft until 2023 and as always, there is likely to be extended support available beyond that. One important note from me though is that Microsoft currently have no intention to provide migration tools to move away from InfoPath… that of course is subject to change and I’d expect many companies (risual included) will offer solutions to overcome this.

So, what are the options? Well, first off my personal opinion; I’m starting to look down the Access App route and (unless something significant changes in the coming months) will be guiding colleagues and customers alike to adopt this where appropriate. The second option is a call to action to give yourself a voice and head over to the Office Forms site to give your feedback, opinions, etc and help steer the future of InfoPath!

It’s an interesting time, and one that I’m sure will strike many new discussions and opinions throughout the SharePoint community. Feel free to leave your thoughts, suggestions, etc here.

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