Installing Exchange 2013 CU3

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Tonight we upgraded our 2013 exchange environment. There were a couple of tricks to it, the process is detailed below:

1) Download the CU: and extract.
2) Use the startdagservermaintenance script – using EMS (as admin) run the below commands:
cd $exscripts
.StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1 (
You may hit a snag if you a running a DAG and you are updating the Primary Active Manger (PAM), you will need to move this role to another node before being able to run the script, no problem just run:
move-clustergroup "Cluster Group" -node <NODENAME>
3) Before running the upgrade ensure that if you have any protection software (such as Forefront Protection for Exchange) this is disabled –
4) Using elevation run the setup.exe
5) Note if you have any extra UM language packs you may find that the prerequisite check will fail:
Unfortunately before being able to continue you will need to remove the language pack(s), to do so run the below command:
Setup.exe /RemoveUmLanguagePack:<UmLanguagePackName> – for more info
Note also in the first screenshot we have other powershell sessions running – make sure all these are closed (task manager) before trying again.
6) Re-run setup and hopefully this time all is well. After a restart simply reinstall you UM language pack (note please get the latest one: and you should now be upgraded to CU3!

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