SharePoint 2013–Work Management Service Application

2017-12-11T10:29:36+00:00 October 23rd, 2013|Sharepoint|


The Work Management Service Application is responsible for aggregating tasks into a central repository within SharePoint. It is generally surfaced to users as part of their MySite / Newsfeed experience. The following are the key feature highlights:

  • Users can view and track their tasks and to-do lists
  • Users’ tasks can be cached on their personal sites
  • Tasks can be synchronised with Outlook
  • Tasks can be aggregated from SharePoint, Exchange, and Project Server
  • Other systems can be integrated thanks to the provider model


The following Service Applications must be provisioned before you can deploy the Work Management Service Application:

  • Search
  • User Profile

In addition to this, the Work Management service account must have some further permissions configured:

  • Full Control on the User Profile Service Application
  • Grant Access To Process Identity (see below)

Please don’t assign the Web Application Pool identity to the Work Management Service Application!

To perform the “Grant Access To Process Identity” activity, we simply need to open an elevated Management Shell session and run the following cmdlet (updating the relevant variables of course):

$URL = "http://yourwebapplication";
$serviceAccount = "DOMsa_sps_workmanagement";
$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication –identity $URL;