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It’s really not that often that I go against the recommendations from Microsoft, however, I’m becoming increasingly un-receptive of the continued usage of stsadm in SharePoint 2013, especially for the configuration of People Picker. This is my personal opinion though, so you should be reading this post as such and not as “matter of fact”. How does the wider SharePoint community feel about stsadm? Got something to say on the subject? Please leave me a reply, I’d love to hear from you.

At the time of writing, the recommendation from Microsoft is that People Picker should be configured via stsadm, as per this TechNet article. Yes, they have updated the article to show “this applies to SharePoint 2013” however, read a little deeper, and you will find certain properties appear to be un-supported (such as the serviceaccountdirectorypaths which has not been updated since 2007!). I know there is occasionally an element of playing catch-up after a major product release, but two major product releases behind?

Well, what’s the alternative? That’s why you’re hear right? Look inside the SharePoint Administration namespace, more specifically the SPPeoplePickerSettings class, it’s all there.

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