Lync 2013 – Mirroring cannot be setup unless SQL Server Service runs under a Network Service Account, Virtual Account, Local System Account or a Domain account

2017-12-07T15:12:41+00:00 September 4th, 2013|Skype|


I came across an interesting issue today where I couldn’t install the Lync 2013 SQL Mirror databases.

After I published the topology to create the mirror databases I got the below error and the sql mirror database installation failed.

“Mirroring cannot be setup unless SQL server service runs under a network service account, virtual account, local system account or a domain account.”

The SQL services were already running under a domain account so this confused me. I checked the SQL services on the principal, mirror and witness servers and the sql services were running as a domain account with the username in the format of

I changed the format of the username so it was domainuseraccount and restarted the sql services on all sql servers.

I publish the topology again and created the mirror database again and it worked !!!!! Smile