Investigating why a server 2008  server wouldn’t install it’s monthly patches I found the error: CBS called Error with 0x80070718 shown in the windowsupdate.log.


This didn’t really assist me in my troubleshooting, however the client is patching servers through SCCM 2012 SP1. Looking at the SCCM deployment it listed the server with error number 0x80070718 but the error description as: Not enough quota is available to process this command.


This led me to first of all check that the C drive had plenty of space, which it did.

Next I thought I would check if Disk Quota’s had been enabled on the C drive.

Right-Click C drive > Select Properties > Select the Quota tab.

Quota Management had been enabled for the C drive but set to ‘Do not limit disk usage’. On checking Quota Entries it did show that several profile including SYSTEM were over their default 1kb quota even though there was no limit being imposed.

The solution was to uncheck the enable quota management for the C drive.