SharePoint 2013 – Machine Translation Services

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Based on the same architecture as the Word Automation service, the Machine Translation Service Application is brand new for SharePoint 2013 and it provides automatic machine translation of documents, pages and sites. When a translation request it started, the Service Application forwards the request to a cloud-hosted machine translation service, where the actual translation work is performed. Translations can be performed in batch or immediate and the requests are processed either asynchronously or synchronously. Asynchronous requests (database queue) are processed when the SharePoint translation timer job executes (default interval is 15 minutes). Synchronous, or streaming, translations are processed instantly as the synchronous work queue takes priority over the asynchronous work queue.

The Machine Translation service is fully extensible; full-trust solutions and Apps are supported and the REST API and CSOM are available.


  • The designated Machine Translation server must be Internet-facing
  • User Profile Service Application Proxy must be in the Default Proxy group
  • App Management Service is running
  • Server-to-server and App authentication must configured


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