When the standard log data doesn’t quite give you all the information you require you need to enable verbose logging. You can achieve that by following the below:

To enable ConfigMgr 2012 verbose logging:

  • Set the dword ‘Verbose Logging’ to 2

0 = Errors and key messages

1 = Everything in value 0 but with warnings and more information

2 = Verbose


To enable verbose logging for SQL in ConfigMgr 2012:

  • Navigate to HKLMsoftwareMicrosoftSMSTracing
  • Set the dword ‘SQLENABLED’ to 1

1 = Enabled

0 =  Disabled


For SQL replication troubleshooting, enable this on the primary and secondary sites in question.


And verbose logging for the SCCM client:

  • Naviate to HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftccmlogging@global
  • Set the DWORD ‘log enabled’ to 1

1 = Enabled

0 = Disabled


  • Set the DWORD ‘loglevel’ to 0


0 = Verbose

1 = Default Value

You may have to change permissions on @global in order to change the keys under it.

You will need to restart the SMS Executive service