With the update for 8.1 out a few days ago we eagerly updated our surface devices to test it out.  Whilst we loved a lot of the new updates we found that the upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 made our UAG portal default to the mobile version of this site on the Surface.   After a few hours of head scratching we finally found a solution:
In the web.config file for the Internalsite (C:Program FilesMicrosoft Forefront Unified Access GatewayvonInternalSite) you need to amend/add four lines:
In the DetectionExpressions section add a line:

<DetectionExpression Name=”IE11″ Expression=’UserAgent Contains “mozilla” AND UserAgent Contains “rv:11″‘ DefaultValue=”false” />

This sets it to recognise IE 11 – unlike other IE browsers it does not contain “IE” or “MSIE” fields which normally denote an MS browser (probably because it is a beta).
Next we need to amend the below line:

From:     <DetectionExpression Name=”Mobile” Expression=’MobileDevice OR WindowsCE’ DefaultValue=”false” />
To:          <DetectionExpression Name=”Mobile” Expression=’!IE11 AND (MobileDevice OR WindowsCE)’ DefaultValue=”false” />

So this stops it seeing it as a mobile device and redirecting it to the mobile version of the site.
Next amend the below line:

From:     <DetectionExpression Name=”IE” Expression=’Browser Contains “ie” OR Browser Contains “msie”‘ DefaultValue=”false” />
To:          <DetectionExpression Name=”IE” Expression=’Browser Contains “ie” OR Browser Contains “msie” OR IE11’ DefaultValue=”false” />

This one denotes IE11 as an IE version of the browser, as above.
Lastly amend the below line:

From:     <DetectionExpression Name=”Windows8″ Expression=’UserAgent Contains “windows nt 6.2″‘ DefaultValue=”false” />
To:          <DetectionExpression Name=”Windows8″ Expression=’UserAgent Contains “windows nt 6.2” OR UserAgent Contains “windows nt 6.3″‘ DefaultValue=”false” />

This one allows for detection of the new version of Windows 8 – Windows 8.1.


  • If you have depoyed a Forefront UAG array, you must manually replicate any changes on all array members.
  • If you export the configuration, you customized files are not included in the exported configuration.
  • If you apply a service pack, update, or hotfix to Forefront UAG, your customized files might be overwritten and your customizations lost.
  • Microsoft are working on SP4 which will likely address this issue so unless you have a desperate need to have this working for your surface users you might be best advised to wait for the official update.

For more information please see the following TechNet article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff607404.aspx.

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