Are you using SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online? Do you have a Windows Phone 8 device? Would you love to access your SharePoint Newsfeed while on the go? Still reading? Good, because Microsoft have provided a great free app available from Windows Phone that “lets you stay connected to your organization’s social pulse” that ticks all the boxes.

There are (as always) a few technical hurdles to overcome if you are considering this app though. For instance, the app requires Basic authentication. This immediately brings the requirement for SSL into the equation. However, to give you a sneak preview of how simple and straightforward setting up the app is, read on…

  • Once you have installed the app to your Windows Phone 8 device, open it up and enter the external URL of your “MySites”


  • Enter your credentials into the login prompt


  • That’s it, you’re connected!


Of course, if you prefer some expert advice and assistance, risual are here to help. We already have this app up and running so next time you see us, why not ask for a quick demonstration and talk to us about what else we can do to enhance your SharePoint experience?