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While developing reports internally I sometimes get asked how to make reports usable from within a record and more often than not I forget that there are a few things that need to be done (And end up binging the syntax)  to get this working. Normally I use parameters on everything; but this can be a bit annoying for users..

Scenario: Report to show order details from within an order without the user having to use filters.

  • Create new report through BIDS (Coming soon)
  • Open the primary dataset and add: enableprefiltering=”true” (Below)


Once you’ve “OK””d the change, you should see the following under your parameters tab:


If you run a preview on the report, you should see:prev

The data that is returned should return everything (Up to the paging limits) of that record, which is expected.

  • At this point create a new report within CRM and upload the report.
  • Set the options to be (pre or post-upload)


  • Save the report.
  • Open an order
  • Click on the ‘Run Report’ tab on the ribbon, and the report you just created should now appear within the record:


Once you run the report, the filter should directly filter against that record and you will only get the data from that record.
Couple of things to remember:

  • You need to enableprefiltering BEFORE you upload the report to CRM (Or you need to delete the report and re-upload it)
  • If you specify any parameters (Ignoring the auto-created one) they’ll need to be selected after running the report (So only using the created parameter on this sort of report is recommended)



EDIT: I forgot to mention you can name your parameter by adding: prefilterparametername=”paraname” as below:


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