Dynamics CRM 2011 – Report Scheduling

Occasionally get the request to sort out scheduled reports within CRM, and this is also something I see a lot on the Microsoft CRM forums – A lot of people actually give out misleading information when trying to configure reporting, especially with on-premise deployments. This will tell/show you how to configure Dynamics CRM 2011 report scheduling.
Note: This method only works on on-premise deployments.
1. Navigate to ‘Workplace’ then to ‘Report’
2. Select the report you wish to schedule
3. Select ‘Schedule Report’ from the ribbon.
4.Select ‘On A Schedule
5. Set schedule details  (Remember the time you pick)
6. Create Schedule.
7. Log into your reporting server Report URL (e.g. http://ReportingServer/Reports)
8. Switch view to ‘Detailed View’ (Right side of ribbon)
9. Navigate to your organisation (Organisation_MSCRM) then ‘Custom Reports’
10. Locate the report which was just scheduled (E.g. ‘_Test Report – Scheduled Snapshots 01_02_2013 09_22’)
11. Manage the report
12. Click ‘Subscriptions’ on the left hand navigation, then ‘New Subscription’
13. Fill out all the details on the new page that loads (Set the schedule for about half an hour after the one you scheduled on  CRM itself)
14. OK the report.
Once you’ve done this, the report has been scheduled.

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