Dynamics CRM 2011 – Installing Language Packs

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Once in a while I work with a customer who requires the base language of Dynamics to be in a language other than English and the solution is simple enough to achieve:

– Visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27819
– Select the new language you want from the language drop down menu (Page will refresh)
– Download the language pack (amd64.exe) in your selected language.

Once this has been done, run the download and extract to a location somewhere accessible then run the setup file that was extracted on the Dynamics CRM 2011 server .

Note: No server reboot is required.

Once you’ve run the setup and have gone through the installation process there are 2 more steps. 1 at an organisation level and one at a per-user level. To enable the language pack at the organisation level:

– Log into CRM as a CRM administrator (Anyone with System Administrator can perform this)
– Settings (Left side navigation)
– Administration sub-menu
– ‘Languages’

Select the language(s) you wish to enable, select the language with the check box and press enable. This will start enabling the process across the organisation. This can cause a minor performance decrease so I suggest doing it during low use or after hours. Once the language pack has been enabled the only thing left to do is have the users change their language:

– File (Top ribbon)
– Options
– Languages
– Set the languages of the Help and/or Interface to the language the has been enabled then save/OK the changes.
– Refresh CRM.

Once this has been done, the core CRM will have the language changed for the selected user.

Note: This only effects core CRM functionality and plugins (Etc.) will need to have the language enabled – Please contact your ISV / System Administrator regarding this.



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