Clustered SCVMM and SCOM 2012 SP1 Integration

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Whilst configuring integration between a clustered VMM 2012 SP1 environment and SCOM 2012 SP1 recently I ran into an issue whereby once the integration was completed the following error was logged in the connection settings:

Operations Manager
discovery failed with error: “Exception of type
10′ was thrown.”.

The MPs were reporting some information but missing lots of virtual machines, hosts, clouds, applications, etc.

I went over all the standard configuration, e.g. ensuring that the relevant consoles were installed, that SPNs were registered and that the correct accounts were used. Additionally, I checked that the correct MPs had been deployed and that SCOM had registered them. All fine. We did have to manually register WSMAN SPNs against the cluster virtual name in Active Directory but everything looked ok other than that.

After lots of cursing 🙂 I removed the integration and re-enabled it but left the PRO-tips and maintenance mode integration options unchecked. Lo and behold the integration worked and the error disappeared. I then configured the PRO-tips check box and refreshed the connection. This worked….. so I enabled the maintenance mode integration and this also worked.

So not really a fix, more a workaround. But all seems happy and from what I can see there is no side effects.


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