Service Manager 2012 Portal Blank Content

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Hi Everyone,

I recently had an issue with the System Center Service Manager 2012 Self-Service portal.

What we were seeing was the SharePoint Foundation bits loading correctly, but the central Silverlight application was completely blank. A quick search showed that this symptom is normally experienced when the certificate used by the Web Content server is not trusted by the server hosting the SharePoint web parts. However in this scenario, no certificates were being deployed due to a customer requirement. This advice was therefore not relevant.

A dive into the logs on both the SharePoint and Web Content servers revealed that all components were talking to each other correctly and that HTTP 200 responses were being seen when the content was requested.

This struck me as being one of those issues where the answer would be simple, and true to form it was! So back to basics, looking over the IIS installed features revealed that static content delivery was not installed and therefore the Silverlight files could not be delivered to the client. Watching the Server Manager progress bar for a few seconds turned out to be all that was required to fix this simple but annoying issue.

Till next time!

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