Lync 2013 – CU1 Released

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Just an FYI that CU1  for Lync 2013 are now released, this fixes a multitude of issues seen previously including the following:

  • Enables users to hide offline contacts in the contact list.
  • Enables users to receive buddy invites from untrusted networks.
    Note This option is available under Alerts in Lync Options.
  • Improves the support for high dots per inch (DPI) displays, for Microsoft Narrator, and for other accessibility features.
  • Fixes bugs that are related to Location sharing and settings.
  • Fixes bugs that are related to Tabbed Conversations.
  • Enables participants to join online meetings by dialing out to their telephone number if online meetings are scheduled by a non-audio-enabled Lync 2013 user.
  • Improves the handling of devices that have both a front-facing and rear-facing camera.
  • Improves the user experience when you join a Lync meeting in a Lync Room System-enabled room.

This can be found at:

Please note that Lync 2013 will need a reboot after installing the updates so maybe one for OOH.


Thank you

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