Recently we wanted to install SCOM agents on a customer site to talk to a SCOM gateway , so that we were able to monitor them. We weren’t able to install multiple agents via the SCOM console as it was a remote site. So we managed to install the agents via PSEXEC with a pretty simple command (Please Note command below installs SCOM agent to run as Local System account)

  • Download PSEXEC from and then map to the extracted PSEXEC.exe location in Command Prompt
  • Simply run PsExec.exe Server1,Server2,Server3 -s msiexec.exe /i "FileShareAgentManagementamd64MOMagent.msi" /qn USE_SETTINGS_FROM_AD=0 MANAGEMENT_GROUP=MGNAME MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=Gatewayname ACTIONS_USE_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT=1 USE_MANUALLY_SPECIFIED_SETTINGS=1 SET_ACTIONS_ACCOUNT=1