Exchange 2010 Edge on TMG Issue adding an IP Address to “Receive mail from remote servers that have these IP addresses”

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We came across an issue recently when a customer had a new Hub Transport server in there environment, basically what we needed to do was to add an IP of the new hub transport server onto the Internal_Mail_Servers receive connector on the Exchange Edge so that the new HT server could deliver mail externally.

However when you look in TMG there is no options to add an additional Mail Server under Email Policy. You just get the following message “The array is subscribed to the Microsoft Exchange organization. IN this configuration, routing is managed on the Exchange Hub Transport servers. If you need to modify your organization’s SMTP traffic routing, contact your Exchange administrator”.


If you add the IP via Exchange Management Console , the setting will just get reverted


So to apply the change and get it to stick you need to do the following.

  • Open the TMG console on the Edge
  • Go to E-Mail Policy
  • Press Edge Subscription Connectivity and set this to Disabled


  • Press ok and now right click internal_mail_servers and go properties
  • Go to the routing tab and add your new Hub Transport server and press ok
  • Go back to Edge Subscription Connectivity and enable this
  • Press Apply within TMG

Your new IP should now be added Smile

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