Dynamics CRM 2011 Online – rsProcessingAborted

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Many blogs on the web explain how to solve this issue with Dynamics CRM 2011 on-premise by setting SPNs, however I’ve yet to find a blog which explains how to get around this issue using the Dynamics CRM 2011 online service. As you know, using the online platform gives absolutely no permissions to modify SSRS settings.

The scenario is when a on-premise deployment (Customizations, reports etc.) are migrated to the cloud and users (non-administrative) are no longer able to view CUSTOM (.RDL) reports and come across the “Reporting Error – The report cannot be displayed (rsProcessingAborted)

The solution (Depending on your CRM security policies) is as followed (All contained within Security Roles settings)

– Make sure the ‘Publish Reports’ permission is set correctly (Core Records – Miscellaneous Privileges) (Note: Microsoft support engineer suggestion)
– Make sure the ‘Reports’ permission is set correctly (Core Records)
– Make sure ‘Entities’ and ‘Field’ permissions are set correctly (Customization)

Once you’ve applied these, the reports should work as expected.



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