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Join: “Returns a string created by joining a number of substrings contained in an array.”

Have had a few regular requests when writing reports in BIDs where users want everything they have picked in a pick list to be displayed at the top of the report. Common request, yet many people do not know how to get around it.

Assuming you have already created a secondary dataset for a parameter; here is all you need to: Select ‘Allow Multiple Values’ on the parameter you have created (For the pick list) and press ‘OK’

On the design-pane create a new text box, right click and press expression and paste the following (Changing ParameterName to your parameter name.)

=Join(Parameters!ParameterName.Label,”, “)

Once this has been done, apply the change and preview the report. Select multiple items in the pick list and they will appear.

A common occurrence is to apply this to a parameter where only ONE option will be used (Drop down menu, not pick list) which will throw a ‘#error’ when previewing/using the report.



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