Dynamics CRM 2011 Online – VBCRLF Replacement / Text Block

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Recently been involved in re-writing reports for Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and hit an issue where the VBCRLF function would not work with CRM online. Only to further research that code (non-expression) isn’t supported.

In most cases, the following code would work as expected (on an on-premise environment) to have all contact details isolated into one
=”Name: “ + Fields!fullname.Value + VBCRLF +
“Job Title: “ + Fields!jobtitle.Value + VBCRLF +
“Email: “ + telephone1.Value

However, online the code which can be used is Chr(10), this will pretty much (Depending on the length of your columns, edit as required) put every 2nd string-literal onto a new line:

=”Name: “ + Fields!fullname.Value + Chr(10) +
“Job Title: “ + Fields!jobtitle.Value + Chr(10) +
“Email: “ + telephone1.Value



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