I ran into the following error whilst installing MBAM

Setup was unable to verify prerequisites on the computer.

Resolution: Setup cannot continue because of an error during the prerequisite check. To run the prerequisite check again, Click Check Prerequisite Again. If this problem continues, exit Setup and check the Setup log for errors.

MBAM Pre requisite failure

Not the most useful error granted, to troubleshoot the error I hit the MSI setup log, you should be able to see the step it reached before it failed. The log is written to the temp location on the server, I use the environment variable from the run command %temp%  and searched the directory in detailed view for the latest created *.log file in my case it was MSI7ff3f.log.

MBAM Pre requisite failure 2


Scanning down the log, in this instance it has begun to check the Reporting Services prerequisites, fix any problems around this and hopefully you should be on your way to installing MBAM. My issue was that the SQL reporting services service had not started properly, once fixed it  passed this particular prerequisite.

Also check that the following has been done regarding master key encryption in SQL http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2011/07/27/mbam-setup-fails-with-sql-error-error-obtaining-a-certificate-protected-by-the-master-key.aspx 

Good luck!

John Riseam

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