Have been working with Dynamics CRM 4 recently and have come across a few errors when trying to import customisations from another organisation and the generic ‘An error occurred’ error message isn’t very helpful.

Now, I assumed that logging would be enabled by default – Alas, it wasn’t. So here’s how you enable it:

1. Open Registry Editor (Windows Key + R then type ‘regedit’)
3. Add these registry keys:

DWORD: TraceEnabled – 1
DWORD: TraceRefresh – 0 to 100 (I set it as 50)
STRING: TraceDirectory – ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMTrace’ (The default trace path)

4. Close the registry editor and you’re done.

Generally would advise to back up your registry before making this change, as things can go wrong. But above works, and will log any errors that appear (With actually useful information, further blogs..) within CRM to allow a proper level of debugging.