Forcing a Child Site Resync – SCCM 2007, site not found

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Hi there,

I came across an issue recently with a child primary site that had failed to replicate a number of resources from it’s parent site.

After working through some of these issues, and rectifying the replication I needed to perform a full child resync.

This is simple to do by running the following command;

  • Preinst.exe /CHILDSYNC <SiteCode>   ~ from the parent site

However an error was returned straight away stating that;

  • Cannot connect to SQL Database
  • <SiteCode> is not a known site

It turned out that this was because the account that I was using to run this did not have Site Modify permissions on the Parent Site. These permissions also need to be assigned directly to the account (not via a Security Group)

Once this was done, I re-run the command and a resync occurred.


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