Disabling ActiveSync on Exchange 2010

2017-12-04T11:21:22+00:00 January 16th, 2012|Exchange|

We had a query from a customer recently , asking how you can disable ActiveSync on a Per User and for All Users basis.

You can disable ActiveSync by doing one of the below steps depending on your requirements.

To Disable ActiveSync on an Individual User Basis

1. Open the Exchange Management Console.

2. Under Recipient Configuration, select Mailbox.

3. Select Properties from the action pane or right-click the user’s mailbox, and then click Properties.

4. Click the Mailbox Features tab.

5. Select Exchange ActiveSync


 To Disable for all users

1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. (Please Note this must be done on all CAS Servers)

2. Double-click to expand the server name, and then double-click to expand the Application Pools folder.

3. Right-click MSExchangeSyncAppPool, and then click Stop to disable ActiveSync.