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When users upload documents etc to their meetings that are hosted by Lync, the files are uploaded to the Lync File store. One question that seems to come up a lot when designing Lync solutions for security sensitive customers is “Is the file store cleaned out regularly?”

The files remain on the file store until they are deleted by the meeting organiser or they are cleaned out by Lync after the meeting. The default time period for this automated clean out is 15 days after the meeting. However, this is configurable in the Conferencing Configuration using the ContentGracePeriod attribute.

Note: The following commands assume you only have the default “Global” collection of conferencing settings configured. If you have more than this, you should use the –Identity attribute to specify the collection you want to view/amend.

To view the current setting, open the Lync Management Shell and view the ContentGracePeriod attribute using this command:


To change the value, use this command:

Set-CsConferencingConfiguration -ContentGracePeriod <value>

where <value> is the time period after the meeting that you want content to be deleted. This can be set to any value between 30 minutes (00:30:00) and 180 days (180.00:00:00). The default value is 15 days (15.00:00:00).


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