The download of anti-spam updates failed with an error

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We were having a few SCOM alerts each day to inform us that the anti spam updates that usually come through Windows Update were failing to install on a customers Exchange 2007 server that was running on Windows Server 2008 SP1.

Looking in the c:WindowsWindowsUpdate.log file I could see that there was an error with BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) which Windows Update uses to download updates. This led me to use the bitsadmin tool to see if there was any downloads stuck:

1. Open a command prompt as administrator

2. Type in the following command and press enter:

bitsadmin /list /allusers

3. If there any lines in the output such as the following then we need to reset the jobs:

{04D0B991-54E3-41C4-B475-572D9E31BFE5} ‘WU Client Download’ SUSPENDED 0 / 1 0 / 13352278


To kill off the jobs is not as simple as it seems as even with an administrator account I could not kill off the jobs giving me an unable to cancel error. The task had to be run as system as a scheduled task:

1. Open up notepad and put in the following line:

bitsadmin /reset /allusers

2. Save the notepad file back as a batch file by save as and giving it a name with the extension .bat

3. Open Task Scheduler and create a new task that runs that batch file and put it to run at a certain time or manually.

4. Before the task runs we just need to change the user account that it runs under system by clicking on Change User or Group button, typing in system as object name and clicking on Check Names:


5. Either schedule the job to run or right click on the job and select run now.

Once the job has run then you can again run the bitsadmin /list /allusers and you should get an output showing no jobs:


The update for the Anti Spam updates should then install without any problems and you should no longer receive this alert.

Hope this helps.



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