Out of Band Management console issues – SCCM

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Whilst recently implementing out of band management for a customer, I had an issue whereby the out of band console would not connect to any provisioned system. The connection status transitioned between; connecting, busy, disconnected and the oobconsole.log file stated;

GetAMTPowerState fail with result: 0x80072EE9

The power control options provided by OOB worked fine, – however these utilise TLS authentication as opposed to HTTPS for the console. Certificates are often the cause of much headache in OOB and after some searching came across a rep on the Intel vPro website suggesting that if the AMT web server certificate (issued to all AMT clients) was issued by a subordinate CA then to attempt adding this into the trusted root certificates for the local computer (that is running the OOB console)

Hallelujah! The console then connected fine 🙂

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