UAC prompt caused by Java Update disable by registry or control panel

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We have many users that have Java installed and keep getting prompted by the User Account Control to install which many of our users do not have the permissions to do:


If you do have console access to the PC and the PC does not have remote registry service enabled then you can do the following logged in as a standard user:

"C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/”

Then right click on javacpl.exe and select “Run as administrator”:


Click on “Update” tab and un-tag the “Check for Updates Automatically”, click on “Never Check” then click on “Ok”.


If you do not have console access and you can access the PCs registry remotely then you can make the following change to disable Java Update, doing it this way does not disturb the user:


Double click on EnableJavaUpdate and set the value as 0

Both of these methods should disable the Java Update and should not require a reboot on a Windows 7 machine.


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