Outlook 2010 Backup and Import RSS feeds

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Since coming back off holiday I noticed that my RSS feeds that I had spent so much time setting up were not updating. The first thing that I checked was the subscriptions set against the account which can be found in the following location in Outlook 2010 on the ribbon:

File –> Info –> Account Settings –> Account Settings –> RSS Feeds tab

I could see that it was empty. Removing the subscription does not remove the folders in Outlook which is why I could still see all of the previous items but not the new ones.

I set about putting all the RSS feeds back in and then looked at backing them up just in case this were to happen again or indeed if anyone else wanted to have the same feeds that I set up.

The procedure for backing them up is:

File –> Open –> Import

You then get presented with the wizard screen, just select the “Export RSS Feeds to an OPML file”, click on next and select the RSS feeds that you want to backup. Again click on next and save the file with a name to where you want.

Your RSS feeds are now backed up.


To import them from a OPML file simply right click on your RSS Feeds folder in Outlook and select the option to “Import an OPML File”, then browse to the file and select the RSS feeds that you want to import:


It should automatically create the folder if there is not one already there.

Hope this helps.


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