Microsoft release KB977611 to fix home folder deletions when changing home folder path to a DFSR namespace in a AD user account

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Just to let you know Microsoft have released a hotfix to sort out an issue where users home folders were getting deleted whenever a users home folder path was change to a DFSR path within an AD user Object.

For full details of the symptoms see my previous blog ‘’

The Hotfix is KB977611 and can be requested from the following location ‘

Hotfix Symptoms Quoted from the above Microsoft KB Article.

“Consider the following scenario:

  • As a domain administrator, you apply a Folder Redirection Group Policy object (GPO) in order to redirect a folder to a network share. For example, you redirect the Documents folder.
  • You change the Folder Redirection GPO to specify a new network share. Additionally, the new network share targets the same physical location as the existing network share.
  • When you change the Folder Redirection GPO, you click to select the Move the contents of <Folder_Name> to the new location check box.
  • You apply the Folder Redirection GPO to the domain users and to the client computers.
  • A domain user logs on to a client computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.

In this scenario, the domain user finds that the redirected folder is empty.

  • This issue typically occurs when you redirect a folder to a Distributed File System (DFS) link.
  • For more information about how to configure the Folder Redirection GPO, see the More information section.

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