Installing x64 Print Drivers On A x86 Print Server

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We came across this issue when trying to install 64-bit print drivers on a 32-bit Windows 2008 print server. Below I have highlighted the steps of how to complete this with a 64-bit Windows 7 client machine:

1. Log onto the x64 client

2. Search for Print Management (If it is not present you will need to install Remote Server Administration Tools x64 (

3. Run Print Management as administrator


4. Right click “Print Servers” and select “Add/Remove Servers”


5. Type the name of your Print Server and click “Add to List” then OK


6. Under the Printer Server you just added, Select “Printers”

7. You will see a list of servers appear in the console, under the tab “Driver Name” make a note of the driver name you would like to install a x64 version of.

8. Still in the Print Management Console, Select your local x64 client

9. Right click “Drivers” and select “Add Driver”


10. In the wizard, ensure “x64” is the only box ticked then select Next


11. Find your print driver from the list then select Next. (If your print driver is not in the list select the “Windows Update” option to display more”)


12. Finish the wizard

13. Make a note of the “Inf Path” location of the driver you just installed. (To find the “Inf Path” location scroll across while still in the “Drivers” window)


14. Still in the Print Management Console, Select your Print Server

15. Right click “Drivers” and select “Add Driver”

16. In the wizard, ensure “x64” is the only box ticked then select Next


17. Select “Have Disk”

18. Specify the Inf Path location you just made a note of. Select OK and complete the wizard.


19. You will now be able see you driver in x86 and x64 on your Print server. See the below for an example:


20. Try adding the printer as you usually would on other x64 clients and all should be OK


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