Cannot play a WAV file in Windows

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We recently had a problem with a user that could not play voicemail recording attachments in an email that were in a WAV format. The error we were receiving was:


After upgrading the media player to the latest version and even trying some other 3rd party software such as VLC Media Player we would still receive a similar message that the codecs were not available.



After clicking on the Web Help button in the upgraded Windows Media Player 11 we found that it identified the codec 42 needed installing. We searched for a long time on the web trying to find the codec and finally found the download at the following location:

(You will require software to open the RAR file such as WinRAR or 7Zip)

1. Extract the folder and browse to the “Pack” folder

2. Right click on the vivog723.inf and select install

You should then be able to play the wav files without any problems after that.

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