A new mailbox repair functionality has been added with Exchange 2010 SP1, we’ve used it recently where we had a corruption on a users mailbox in regards to Folder Views.  On a 1GB mailbox it took around 20 seconds to run the cmdlet and it logs an EventID on the mailbox server when the cmdlet is completed.

The cmdlet is New-MailboxRepairRequest and the following types of corruption can be fixed this

  • Search folder corruptions
  • Aggregate counts on folders
  • Views on folders that aren’t returning the correct content
  • Provisioned folders that are incorrectly pointing into parent folders that aren’t provisioned
    Another Useful thing about the cmdlet is that you can run it in detect only mode , which will then display any corruption in the mailbox servers event viewer and then if you do spot the corruption you can run it for real.

Microsoft KB referencing the cmdlet http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff625221.aspx