Can’t RDP onto Windows 2008/Windows 7 machines due to Network Level Authentication after implementing SCCM

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We stumbled across an issue recently where all of a sudden we couldn’t RDP from windows 2003/XP machines to Windows 2008/Vista machines. The first thing we dis was run a Resultant set of policy on a windows 2008 machine applying NLA and the setting was being applied by local policy.

An SCCM agent was installed recently on all machines in the environment , so our next port of call was to pursue this route. So we started to look through the SCCM console and stumbled across the setting which was causing the issue.

The Setting is configured in the below location in the SCCM console.

  • Site Database > Site > Client Agents > Remote Tools Client Agent > Remote Desktop


As you can see above NLA is enabled, so if you uncheck this, you’ll see your issues fade away Smile

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