Rescue OCS Buddy/ Contacts list when Pool is down or a ‘Force’ move is your only option

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In OCS a users buddy list gets pretty large pretty quick and as such when problems occur either moving to a new pool or when your Front-end goes down the loss of these contacts is obviously not ideal.

Thankfully Microsoft installs a tool called DBImpExp.exe with pretty much every version of OCS including Lync.

I recently had an issue where our OCS 2007 R2 Front-End Service died a death. This was not ideal for several reasons which I won’t go into here. Our saving grace was we had just installed Lync 2010 RC for testing purposes. Because I had merge the OCS 2007 environment with Lync 2010 during the install, so we could test federation etc. it meant we could get external access and dialling working by changing the next hop on both the OCS Mediation and Edge boxes to the new Lync Server – phew, that’s that bit sorted.

Now, however, most users are still unable to sign in as they are homed on a Server that is unavailable and my only option is to use the ‘move-cslegacyuser –force’ command to get the users over which will obviously not bring over their buddy lists.


C:program filescommon filesMicrosoft Office Communications Server 2007support

On faulty FE Server

DBImpExp.exe /hrxmlfile:c:joebloggsexport.xml (export file) / (SIP address)

Copy file to new FE Server

On new FE Server (in my case Lync)

Move user to new pool (move-cslegacyuser –identity “joe bloggs” –target –force

DBImpExp.exe /import /hrxmlfile:”c:joebloggsexport.xml” /

The users will now be homed on the new pool and when they launch their OCS/ Lync clients they should be able to see all their contacts.



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