Oracle Virtual box 3.2.6 duplicate UUID Issue when copying disks files

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I have built a new VM recently using VirtualBox and needed to use it as my base image, I stop the VM and copied the disk files to a new name and location. I then tried to create a new VM and attach the copied disk, only to get the following error

“Failed to open the hard disk”

“Cannot register the hard disk ‘testdisk2.vdi’ with UUID {UUID} because a disk  ‘Testdisk1.vdi’ with {UUID} already exists in the media registry””


The solution is to use the command line tool to clone the drive as follows:

open a command window (start > Run > cmd)

cd C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBox             (move to the program files folder)

VBoxManage.exe clonevdi “testdisk1.vdi” “f:VirtualBoxtestdisk2.vdi”

This will clone the drive to the new file and location which you can then use. This will need to be done for each subsequent copy.

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