Windows could not apply unattended settings during pass (null).

2017-12-11T14:39:29+00:00 April 29th, 2010|Windows|

When trying to deploy a Windows 7 image from WDS I was confronted by the above error. The error occurred whilst trying to deploy different Windows 7 images to different computers and laptops.

After routing through log files and the internet I was starting to get a little frustrated. At this point I thought that I would try using the install.wim that comes on the Windows 7 CD to see what happens. Whilst browsing the sources folder on the CD I noticed the boot.wim file. Now, although I have never needed to add multiple boot.wim files for the assorted OS’ I already deploy off this WDS Server I thought I would add the boot.wim (right-click Boot Image in WDS and select ‘Add Boot Image’. I labelled the new boot.wim file to ‘Windows 7 Deploy’ on import and then chose this option when PXE booting the Laptop.

Hey presto, it now works without any errors.

Hopefully this will save someone the headache I received getting to this point.

Good luck