Recently had an issue with our internal RMS infrastructure where users were not able to RMS protect any documents, email etc. Going through some troubleshooting I found that clients were not going through the bootstrapping process correctly and therefore were not getting the needed XrML RMS certificates …..

So I was able to browse to the certification and license pipelines no problems, AD RMS server was contactable, was seeing the traffic hit the server in the IIS logs some with 403 and 404 errors…Resolution??

If you go to internet options >> Advanced >> Security and then uncheck the two options:

Check for the publishers certificate revocation

Check for the server certificate revocation

Then try and RMS protect content then suddenly bootstrapping process works, you get your certificates and all is good!

The reason for this is if your AD RMS certification and licensing pipelines are using an internal CA to issue a certificate for HTTPS and your client machines cant reach the CRL distribution point it will not allow you to connect! The quick fix is to uncheck the two options specified above and go through the bootstrapping process, you will then be able to protect and consume RMS content. However the correct fix is to ensure the CRL distribution is correct for your CA and accessible for your AD RMS clients :)