How many meetings does it take to write a perfect proposal?

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It’s a common sight: staff crowded round a laptop, cradling their coffees, or wasting valuable time sending countless e-mails to each other to get a group project finished. But in an economic environment where you need to maximise your resources, it’s time to discover a better way of working.
There is a far better way to work, which improves both productivity and collaboration. Your team can work together faster and more effectively, with help from Microsoft products. Freeing them to:

  • Collaborate better — Forget the restrictions of offices. Teams can share vital documents and information through team worksites and portals
  • Work simpler — Group work can be effortless. Produce documents seamlessly with features such as update notifications and alerts, online/offline access, built in version control and workflow functionality
  • Boost productivity — be more productive and efficient by sharing information, analysing data and creating professional-looking documents easily

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