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I recently came across an issue on customer site where backup to tape jobs were failing because the tapes inserted were showing up in the DPM console as “Suspect Tape”. The reason for this is actually to do with the way DPM identifies the tapes.


A suspect tape is when a tape or tapes have conflicting identification information. If your tape library has a barcode scanner then check that no two tapes have the same barcode if they do you will need to assign one of the tapes a different barcode. Also there can be conflictions with the on-media identifier (OMID) which is written to the start of each tape and is read before using the tape.

To resolve this issue of conflicting OMID’s firstly remove the suspect tapes from the library, then rescan and inventory the library. After this we need to run the ResolveSuspectMedia.cmd script. This can usually be found in %SystemDrive%program filesMicrosoft DPMDPMbin, if not you can enter the following in a text editor and save as ResolveSuspectMedia.cmd:

osql -E -S localhostMS$DPM2007$ -d DPMDB -Q "UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0"

Finally enter the tapes back into the library and inventory and hey presto you should now be able to use the tapes to perform successful tape backups!

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