Viewing a specific job running or that has run in DPM 2007

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Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager

Sometimes when you are troubleshooting DPM or monitoring , such as tape backups you would like to look for that specific job that is running or has ran and failed without having to sort through all other jobs that are running such as consistency checks and recovery points.

This can be done by creating a filter on in the jobs tab under monitoring.


To create a filter first press “create filter” on the right hand section of the DPM console. For this example we will be creating a filter to view all tape backups that have taken place.


Now name your filter, I’ve named mine tape backups. Now select the job you would like to monitor, in my case it will be tape backup,and save this.


  You will now have your own view of a specific DPM Job 🙂


Thank You

Daniel Davies

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