Create a SCVMM 2008 template from a running virtual machine

2017-12-01T17:21:58+00:00 October 21st, 2009|Azure, Cloud|

So you’ve created your VM and know you would like to create a template so this VM can be distributed onto multiple VM’s.

SCVMM will take care of this for you, so there is no need to sysprep your machine as the template procedure does all this for you.

Please Beware that creating a template destroys the VM !!!

Creating a Template

1, Press the Virtual Machine Tab and go to your VM.


2, Turn off the VM and then single click the VM

3, Now the New Template option on the right hand window should be accessible, so press this.


4, If you then complete the wizard and hit create this should then start creating your template.

5, The Job pane will then pop up on your screen and start completing the steps that are shown below, once this has completed you’ve successfully made a template.