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editorial welcome to our first issue!

Hello and welcome to the first issue of our monthly newsletter from the support services team at risual. Each month we will be sharing our progress as we improve the services we offer to our clients.  We will keep you updated on technology developments, and share our experi­ence of managing hundreds of servers and clients for many customers.

This month as the memories of long summer days leave us behind and our attention focuses on the impending clocks going back, we look at ways to improve your organisation’s backup and data retention, along with details of risual’s events programme and our adoption of in­dustry recognised standards to improve the service we offer you.

Regards, Kate Lincoln, Editor

P.s. Also this month we have launched our new blog site at www.risualblogs.com and you can stay in touch with our twitter feed at www.twitter.com/risual


service focus fully managed DPM solution

A new risual support service, Managed DPM, provides businesses with the peace of mind that important data, applications and services are fully protected and managed daily by risual. Under our Managed DPM service, risual will manage your on premise Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) server instance/s including services for data protection, recovery and full return to service capability. This, coupled with tape data being stored off site in secure and environmentally controlled vaults, offers a flexible and reliable Disaster Recovery solution and service. risual will provide remote administration and operations for your DPM servers and take control of user and application data protection and recovery. The risual service goes a stage further, provisioning a full return to service solution for Microsoft applications and services. Couple this with secure weekly off site tape data storage and all your protection, recovery, and disaster recovery scenarios are covered.

So, what is included in this Service?

DPM Administration

· Managed protection groups

· Creating new protection groups

· Storage management

· Protection recovery points

· Short and long retention periods

· Errors and issues

DPM Operations

· Recovering user data from local disk

· Recovering application data from local disk

· Recovering full MS Service from local disk

· Configuring long term storage to tape media in readiness and sync with offsite service collection points and times.

DPM Offsite

· Data archiving using a simple weekly, monthly and yearly rotation model.

· Tapes collected, transported and stored in a environmentally controlled tape vault.

· Providing people, data and knowledge to return your services back to full operation either remotely or on your site, within business hours.

DPM Emergency

· Providing people, data and knowledge to
return your services back to full operation during non-business hours.

· In addition, the co-ordination and recall of required tapes from the vault.

Sound interesting? email support@risual.com or hardeepb@risual.com

Hardeep Bains, Support Lead


risual event smart communicator

Redefining work, redefining communication

The revolution and impact of Unified Communications has often been declared, and often overstated.

With a broad collection of technology now widely available from Microsoft, the widespread adoption of Unified Communications technology is underway.

Experienced in all areas of associated Microsoft Products, Risual will share their experiences and insights into this disruptive wave that is rippling through business today.

Our experience and knowledge ranges from social impact and observations on how remote enablement of communications redefine the place of work and the role of offices and buildings in an organization, through to the infrastructure and management of a fully integrated communications and telephony environment.

Find out more at our smart
communicator event:

Tuesday 24th November 2009, Stafford

Email: events@risual.com

event programme

¨ Work the thing you do, not where you go

We discuss how technology can transform the place of work

¨ How it is achieved

What is required and what is possible with MS technology

¨ Living Case Studies

Hear us share our own experiences along with those of customers that have already deployed Unified Communications technologies

¨ Next Steps

Find out how we can help you evaluate OCS and Exchange through our low cost, low risk, high impact, offerings.

risual events forthcoming events

Business Ready Security Event

The pressures for improved flexible working, access anywhere applications and compliance based services are here and now. Couple this with budget constraints and increased security threats it’s essential you can support and secure the business without breaking the bank. Hear how the simple and effective Risual approach, can help you achieve this.

Tuesday 17th November 2009, Stafford

Email: events@risual.com


did you know?

Risual’s phone system is 100% based on Office Communications Server 2007 R2. The unique features allow us to provide single number reach for consultants and directors, dynamic routing for in or out of hours access for support and has allowed us to cut our call charges and provide our own conferencing service.

next month

Risual has recently achieved several ISO accreditations, find out how these enable us to deliver a world class service for our customers.

risual group ltd the company

risual is a dedicated Microsoft solutions partner delivering cutting edge technology solutions and consultancy enabling businesses to gain the most of their technology and their technology investments. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, using our high level competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and business solutions, risual deliver customer focused Consulting; Solutions and Support services. Our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge allows us to provide a best fit solution for your organisation.

We are interested in the issues facing your business and how we can assist you in utilising the technology available to resolve these.

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